Utility Services

Hi Rail Vegetation Management
Line Clearing and Tree Trimming

Cut back and remove trees from above ground Utility Lines, to maintain OSHA standard 10 foot clearance.

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ROW Vegetation Removal

Let Cedar Beetle clear the right of way for you to expand your services to new businesses and communities.

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Railroad Fire Risk Management
Natural Disaster Cleanup

We give you fast access to begin repairs and get communities online after severe weather hits.

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Fiber Optic Cable Zipping

Cedar Beetle can help you provide the fastest internet services available to homes and businesses.

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Commercial Herbicide Application
Chemical Vegetation Management

Maintain beauty and accessibility to your Right of Way.

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Family Owned and Operated

Cedar Beetle is a third-generation, family-owned and operated corporation located just outside San Antonio, Texas. We specialize in civil construction services such as Utility Right of Way clearing, vegetation removal, and maintenance. We have the largest fleet of specialty vehicles in the Southern United States and are equipped for every kind of terrain, from grasslands, to brush country to swamps and wetlands. No matter your utility type, Cedar Beetle is the one-stop solution to maintaining your ROW access.