Preventative Maintenance


Preventative Maintenance and chemical vegetation management

Many utility Rights of Way run through the communities they provide services to. Maintaining native Texas species and discouraging invasive ones can be highly beneficial to the surrounding communities and wildlife.

Preventive maintenance of trees and deep rooted weeds helps maintain the integrity of underground pipelines, while regular mowing and trimming keeps above ground lines and structures accessible for general maintenance, repair, and upgrades.

We are equipped to tackle all types of terrain for your Texas Vegetation Maintenance. We use a combination of large track mowers, saw trucks, barkos mulchers and chippers to preserve navigable lands for your operators and vehicles. We have specialty boats and vehicles that grant us access to the most remote rural locations where we can control vegetation through use of both Pre- and Post-emergent herbicides that can be custom blended for your specific needs while preserving protected species of plants, trees and wildlife.


Our operators and hand crews are experienced, well trained for safety and dependable.

We are fully insured and OSHA certified