Texas Line Clearing & Tree Trimming


texas line clearing & tree trimming

Cedar Beetle’s Texas right of way provides professional line clearing and tree trimming services in Texas. Vegetation interference with power lines is one of the leading causes of power outages in the United States. Power lines knocked down by falling tree limbs have a monumental impact on the economy. In fact the Department of Energy estimates that power outages are costing the United States Economy a whopping $150 billion annually in lost revenues.

Over 10% of the electricity produced in the United Stated comes from Texas alone, and Cedar Beetle is your Texas vegetation management specialist. We work in all areas of Texas and the surrounding states to keep your ROW clear, accessible, and safe, keeping the power flowing to the communities you serve.

The first step in keeping communities online and with power is to keep all trees and brush within a 10 foot radius trimmed back to that safe zone. Our operators are fully OSHA certified line-clearance tree trimmers, and our equipment is dielectric tested and fully insulated for maximum safety on your project. Our teams are trained to trim fragile Texas native species such as older Live Oak trees without introducing Oak Wilt to maintain valuable tree canopies in residential areas.

With the largest fleet of specialty vegetation management vehicles in the Southern United States, Cedar Beetle has what you need to keep your ROW clear of invasive vegetation. Our hotspotting team of power line tree trimming experts can trim back branches or remove whole trees, all without damaging the line, while our Top Con GPS enabled machines can clear the entire circuit with ultra precise results.


Our operators and hand crews are experienced, well trained for safety and dependable.

We are fully insured and OSHA certified